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The machine ensures 1920 needle pentration occuring per a second. By causing a controlled trauma to the skin, it triggers a natural process of repair. As a result, an increased production of collagen and elastin, resurfacing, retexturizing. Beyond that, as the serum of interest is incooporated into the procedure, it allows a more effective penetration into the skin more than a day to day skincare of any topical serum.


Retinol is a vitamin A derivative and antioxidant that improves texture and tone by strengthening skin and increasing skin turnover. Encapslation is a new biotechnology that allows retinol to be encapsulated for a slow release into the skin overnight minimizing the side effect, so you can enjoy all the benefits of retinol with little to no irritation!

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Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (Untinted)

Sunscreens with built- in moisturizer

100% physical, broad spoectrum facial sunscreen.

Sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA (premature aging) and UVB (sunburn-causing) rays, and lowers the risk of skin cancer without leaving residual chalkiness on skin. 

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